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We provide well equiped and fully digital class room equiped with modern technology.

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We provide best teacher and instructor which guide in proper and efficient manner.

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We make student confident in their field.

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We take proper care of the students by organizing physical activity sessions to make them fit.

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Vidya Pharmacy College is under the aegis of Vidya Educational Society is one of the premier Pharmacy Colleges in North India which imparting quality pharmaceutical education. The college and society is named after Vidya from Patna, Bihar.Vidya Pharmacy College is built in synchronization with the vision given by this great statesman.

Vidya Pharmacy College is one of the Top Pharmacy College in Bihar State. The Institute is headed by Mr. Ashutosh an entrepreneur and founder trustee of Vidya Group of Educational Institutions .He is visionary and has got extensive experience in education sector.

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Grow Your Digital Skills With Vidya

We will make you practical and knowledgable so that you can handle any situations in life.



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The college firmly believes that education is incomplete without discipline, The institution is confident in making a wholesome person out of the student only by instilling in him discipline which would go to foster a high degree of righteousness in and around him. Accordingly, a disciplinary committee monitors the discipline of the institution. The student recruitment and admission office strives to provide the Pharmacy Admission Committee with a qualified and diverse applicant pool.

Help & Support

24/7 Support.

Our Helpline Is Open 24/7 To Help Students To Cope With Any Difficulties.


Certificates for seminars and vocational trainings are provided by the college.

Extracurricular activities are being conducted to explore inner talent of the students.